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 The TRE Manifest

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The TRE Manifest Empty
PostSubject: The TRE Manifest   The TRE Manifest Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 10:54 pm

The Triumverate Rules of Engagement applies to all guild members in every Last Chaos arena whether it is on the guild forum, aeriagames forum, game, etc.
Our reputation is based on how we act and react to others around us.
WE are confident each and every one of you that wear the guild name Triumverate will emulate the guild motto: Family, Fighting, and Fun - We play LC as ONE!

All have chosen to be a part of Triumverate and were not coerced, bribed or bullied into being in this guild;
Triumverate is an entity that believes the whole is more important than the one and acts, sometimes sacrificially - for the greater good of the guild;
The Golden Rule of, "Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You," is practiced to the best of each guildmember's ability;

The following rules are hereby established:

1. The guild chat is PG-13. No racist remarks, jokes, stories, etc. will be tolerated. There should be no "hard" profanity (If you have to put a space in between the letters to spell it, it will not be acceptable).

2. There will be a minimum xp percentage every guild member will donate to the guild skills. Right now it is set at 1% although you may choose to donate at a higher rate. High Karma to those that have given 100% xp so far: DizzyRat, MysticAir, Tyger, Ashon, Klancy!

3. Active participation is of the utmost importance in the health of a guild:
a. A guildmember that does not log in or contact the guildmaster or guild advisors for thirty days will be removed from the guild.
b. When in an active party and you must be afk for more than 5-8 minutes, you shall return to town and be recalled back to the party when resuming active play.

This manifest shall be enabled on April 20, 2008 by the authority of the Triumverate High Committee including:
Klancy - GM
HoldinMcneal - GS
HexeMyst committes member
DizzyRat committee member
Ashon committee member
MysticAir committee member
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The TRE Manifest
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