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 Harassment on forums

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PostSubject: Harassment on forums   Harassment on forums Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 1:20 pm

Thought I'd post this here so all can see what's going on.. BEFORE its deleted on the Aeria forums like one other one was.

The begining

I started a thread a couple days ago called {SGST}Compromise and in this thread as you'll see, I was attacked for an idea I believe to be relevant to the gaming community.

During the course of arguing over a point of principle (whether or not the Eghee fee was a goldsink or not.. or whether or not the so called Gold sink was working) the thread was hijacked for a few posts so that my debaters talked amoungst themselves.

A "game" threat was made by alexiesm
Quote :
: "hmm u wanna me mad gimme ur server and im gone kill ya"
which started the flames.

This person who became "unable" to hold an intelligent conversation and who I feel was losing his arguement big time, resorted to flaming my thread.

This individual repeated another threat later in the same thread so at that time I asked that the thread be locked due to it deteriorating into a flame war.

Post was locked. Flamers win when posts get locked.

Harassment Spreads

Either earlier or shortly after I made the above mentioned thread I had made another suggestion which was completey different and at the same time neither had a response.
{SGST}Armour/Weapon Trader
In this thread the same individuals who "teamed up" in the last thread which caused its shutdown arrived to trash this other suggestion.
It had nothing to do with the previous suggestion. It was about a completely different and seperate topic.

Isador, alexiesim, Kay666, and a person named jep (who will become important later in another thread reguarding an internet threat of violence)

Once again.. alexiesim has to go and make a mockery of the thread and out of frustration over the previous locking.. again.. in the spirit of trying to stay peaceful I asked a MOD to close the thread.

After thinking about it a while.. I realized that no one wanted a "compromise" (first thread) so I'd have to get tough to show everyone how unjust the current situation is with the Egehe map.
With this thinking in mind I created {SGST} Egehe fee extended and proceeded to ask for votes.

Again.. alexiesim and Isador show up and this time they are joined by sprky, bossmtking, and pancakes
They try to turn the process into a mockery and the debate gets so hot Superman0X has to lock the thread.

Again.. flamers cause a thread of mine to be locked.

A New start with a new thread

After a seriously hot debate in ShoutBox which included GM's Superman0X, GMMoose, and a handful of assorted game sages and forum mods, I was advised by GM Moose that I should maybe redo the thread that was shut down with a "better tone" and avoid argueing.. just let them vote and be done.


I did. I worked a couple hours making sure every word was spelled right and everything looked presentable so that my arguement is better understood.

This is what I came up: {SGST} Egehe Poll reguarding fees

Of course the following show up to make yet another mockery of it:
alexiesim, Isador, pancakes, sprky, and a game sage who had laughed at a flame (which I believe was deleted)

I tracked down OSUBeaver and requested him to monitor the thread as a "Forum Mod" ought to do and make sure that it's not destroyed by being locked down like the others.

He posted a warning at the end of the thread.

Everything seemed fine...


Two threads were started by the parties against me in the above mentioned threads:
1: [SGST] Forums silence
Participating in this discussion were the same people who had been following me around causing trouble in the above threads:
Isador (the thread starter), alexiesim, bossmtking, and pancakes

I believe this thread was aimed at myself although my name was not mentioned. I view this as a "campaign" to deflect their own hostility and flames against me and also to put the idea into the mods heads to silence any voice they disagree with.

2.[SGST] There are more than the two options suggested

This thread was "disgused" as a "Suggestion thread" yet had no resemblence of a suggestion at all. It did not conform at all to the "Suggestion Guidelines" laid down by Gm Viet and upheld by the community.
In fact, it violated the TOS by using a "false topic" with the words SGST in it when all it is, is a flame thread which directly attacked me by name and also included an "internet threat of violence"
The mere suggestion of causing harm to any individual as a form of punishment is a violation of a few laws somewhere I'm sure not to mention the possible violation of Aeria's TOS and the forum rules as well.

jep (one of the above mentioned troublemakers) said the following which is still there for all to see:

Quote :
want my opinion? no? TOO BAD!
donkey should be banned from the forums and/or have a finger chopped off for every time he made the same or similar posts about the egeha fees. there i said what are you going to do about it?!

As far as this writing I know of nothing that has been done to this person in any way shape of form in the way of punishment.

When I saw the threat and the post which attacked me in name, I felt a human right to defend myself and to let them know I was reporting their harassment.

Below are the only two posts I made in the above mentioned thread:

Quote :
So is this a "suggestion" or a flaming rant disguised as a suggestion?

I didn't see a real suggestion here.

Perhaps its just another attempt by a select little group of people to continue some harassment

Its straightforward and is not a flame. I point out to everyone who can read that the person who made the thread has not made a suggestion at all but merely a flame thread in which to spew forth hate.

My second post was to address the individual who made a threat of violence suggestion towards me:

Quote :
Re: want my opinion? no? TOO BAD!

jep wrote:
donkey should be banned from the forums and/or have a finger chopped off for every time he made the same or similar posts about the egeha fees. there i said what are you going to do about it?!

Threats of violence being suggested against me doesn't make you a saint.

Im reporting this threat as a violation of the TOS... that's what Im gonna do about it

I didn't call him any names. I didn't flame him. I simply addressed that I won't tolerate being threatened.

This guy has basically suggested that a forum mod or a game master track me down in real life and exact that form of punishment upon me in order to silence me from something he disagrees with.

Not silence me for any flaming...
Not silence me for any insults I might have said...

But to silence me from typing my opinion and speaking my mind.

This is LastChaos USA... not LastChaosCUBA.. or LastChaosChina.. or LastChaosNorthKorea whereas any of those locations may suppress a free mind...

It is implied that although these forums are privately run, that we are allowed (and encouraged) to express freedom of speech here without threat of violence.

In spite of all the principles on my side.. I learned today, that "OSUBeaver" a forum mod, had a secret pact with the starter of that thread that if "I" wrote one thing in it... he would punish me by shutting down my "non aggressive thread" Here

I feel this thread was a good job in trying to remain objectionable and I even made a request to have it "mod'd" so it would not errupt into any flame war.

I wanted the votes to be tallied and my guild didn't even get a chance to respond to it.

To shut down another thread for making a defensive comment on another thread is a precident in which I've never seen on any forum.

I've been on over 500 + forums in my life and this is the first time I've seen a forum mod retaliate into another thread which was attempting to remain peaceful.

I've nothing else to say. Its a sad day
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PostSubject: Re: Harassment on forums   Harassment on forums Icon_minitimeWed Sep 10, 2008 6:29 pm

Officially banned now after a silence. Guess they didnt think the silence from shoutbox was enough.. got a forum ban and soon to be game ban

The guy who threatened me has since made several more flame posts against others and will be expecting no punishment

For some reason.. they got it in their head that Im the one who needs to be banned. Dunno why.. I didnt flame .. I didnt make threats..

I just tried to express my views and opinions

Honestly.. Im baffled at the actions taken recently. They are doing the exact opposite of how forum mods and gm's are expected to behave.

Seems like the harder I point out a rule that someone else broke.. the harder they ban me.

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PostSubject: Re: Harassment on forums   Harassment on forums Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 1:01 am

Below is a copy of several PM's between me and "OSUBeaver" the forum mod.

Note the attitude from him near the end
From me:

What gives you the right to lock down my thread like that?

I know you are big n bad forum mod n all and I'll probably get banned for cussing at your worthless ass in this pm.. but really someone needs to yell at you for once to remind you who you used to be!

I worked my ass off on that thread to make danm sure that it didnt get locked down. My guild mates didnt even get a chance to see it to respond...... I planned on keeping tabs on any votes should they have occoured.. but fat chance of that now.

I honestly dont understand the opposition to this.
I thought that I explained well enough about how wrong it is to allow the recall without the fee. For some reason I fail at getting that point across.

Im guessing.. something else is at play here... but whatever it is, it shouldnt take an oppressive tone by locking things down left and right.

As for those kids.. who go off and call names and make threats.. you and the other mods did DIDDLY to them.. left their posts up and all. I guess as long as Im slagged by them its "OK" to leave that up.

Maybe I should have slaggd them back right? Oh gee.. I would have earned a big ban for that.

I kept myself pretty much in check in spite of you and slickx claims that I wasn't calm.

Truth is.. I WAS trying to discuss things civily but the kiddies managed to take over the convo and change the tempo

You and slickx only saw every little thing I said and hammered me for it.

What the hell happened to you man? You used to be up in arms against this type of oppression.. now you are a part of it?

Good lord

Nice to have friends looking out for me. Thanks for the lock. !

OSUBeaver said:
Quote :
I am sorry you have a problem with me or my actions...please use the contact us form if you have a problem with any Aeria volunteer as that is your best route for lodging such complaints.

I will not ever forward any PMs to Aeria, as I regard them exactly that--Private messages. So please feel free to continue to vent your frustrations on someone you used to be able to call a friend.

MESSAGE 2-----------------------------------------
I said:

So no valid answer coming as to why you locked my recent thread suggestion?

What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if you had spent an hour composing a thread trying in vain to prevent mixing emotions into it only to have a mod lock it for no reason whatsoever?

OSUBeaver said:
Quote :
The problem is that you then went onto the thread that I split and invited flaming thus requiring me to lock it. Simply saying I have two options and you must follow one or the other doesn't fly...I tried to support it, but the minute I did you went into the other thread...I was left with a couple choices, either delete my post stating that I would remove non-option oriented suggestions or lock it, and I chose to lock it. It's the whole my two options and no commentary that doesn't work...that's why this is a forum and not a polling booth,

Message 3------------------------

I said:

Hold the phone there bub!

First off.. I had no idea I was under any "post and you lose your own post rule" Where do you get that from?

Second.. that thread was MADE to harass ME

There was no viable suggestion there. Also A violent threat to remove one of my fingers WAS made in there. So you are saying you support people making "violent" suggestions?

You were wrong in locking my thread and NOT deleting their obvious "hate" thread.

But obviously Im going to lose this fight because now you are a By God Forum Mod with God given powers to dictate any way you see fit.

That's the problem with people these days.. they want to PLAY GOD all the time and dictate the silliest and stupidest polices without reguard to common sense!

No one wants to do the RIGHT thing anymore.. they just want to flex their muscles and show off their power.

Haven't you got enough flamers and trolls on the forums to "show off" to ? You gotta go pick on my threads, defend people that harass me, and then have the gall to say I can't defend myself when Im attacked with threats and obvious insults?

OSUBeaver said:
Quote :
I find your attitude and your unwillingness to budge completely and totally asinine. I honestly thought that you and I had built a bit of friendship in what time we spent together on Katar. I was sadly mistaken.

Your complete and total unwillingness to even try to understand that someone might have an opinion that doesn't fall into your perfect world of two options and two options only is too childish for me to waste any more time on.

Like I've said, if you feel I'm abusing my powers, please feel free to report me via the contact us link. Please understand that only those things that have happened on the forum and shoutbox will be considered by the GMs....including that post you made about me.

Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson.

Now leave me alone

Its pretty much like that.

He is being "impossoble" simply because he can. Anyone with any common sense should be able to see when they've made a mistake. The post in question had "no warning" text in it. Nor was I warned either verbally or via message.
In fact.. I printed above the only two responses in that thread and neither were flames.
They were direct response to flames IN that thread which apparently were "NOT" moderated.
OSUBeaver basically refused to moderate THAT thread intentionally to draw me in and be able to lock my thread down thus releasing himself from his responsibilities.

Thats not a good moderator
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PostSubject: Re: Harassment on forums   Harassment on forums Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 9:20 pm

Wow...I have noticed a big change in Beaver's attitude also. Not that my opinion holds much water in the forums. Rolling Eyes
Every thread I have ever made has been flamed by pretty much the same pinheads you mentioned above.

Well, have you done the 'contact us' thing? I have done so in the past, only to be totally ignored. Charming! Thread hijackers! FTW! Evil or Very Mad

IMHO, Mods should not be allowed to post their own opinions about a thread's topic. They should simply keep an eye for flaming and immediately delete posts of that sort, NOT lock a thread because it goes off-topic!

If it goes off-topic, then they should be deleting the off-topic posts/responses and leave the thread open.

Good luck with the battle, D0nkey. You have me cheering for you. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Harassment on forums   Harassment on forums Icon_minitimeSun Sep 14, 2008 6:20 pm

dear can you tell me if you can log in now????? I need to know... I talked to Moose he said you are not ban... so, let me know PLS..Thank You
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PostSubject: Re: Harassment on forums   Harassment on forums Icon_minitime

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Harassment on forums
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